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I believe dream interpretation is one of the most ignored gifts of the Ruach HaKodesh…

What if dream interpretation is something everyone should be doing?

Everybody dreams and most (in my opinion) who are Torah observant seem to believe in some aspect of dream interpretation but for some reason not very many people venture into this world of mystery. After centuries of disagreements and theories why should they? This question did not stop me and it should also not stop you from discovering an incredible opportunity to hear Yah’s voice in a way you never imagined possible.

Dreams are very important messages from Yah that through devotion and desire we can actually figure out AND are extremely useful in our spiritual walk! Every single dream! Chalom Shalom is a blog and teaching service directed towards those interested in obedience to the King and hearing his direction. The aim of this blog is to help those in the body to mature and progress in their walks towards the kingdom of Yah. Our main teaching tool is through our Father’s dream communication and symbolism in the world around us. This blog is a positive and serious place for those seeking to grow!


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